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BAGBNB rebrands to Radical Storage

Italy: Luggage storage network BAGBNB has announced it has rebranded to Radical Storage in order to transform its user experience and invest in more innovative technology.

Founded in 2017 in Rome, BAGBNB grew into a point of reference for millions of travellers and thousands of businesses and hospitality venues around Europe. The company calls the businesses it works with “Angels” as they welcome travellers from around the world with open arms and provide them with new revenue opportunities.

The company has grown to have 3,000 storage points of access and stored more than two million pieces of luggage since its founding three years ago. Its partners include guest management and monetisation platform, YourWelcome, apartment-hotel startup Sonder, private home rental platform hospitality Onefinestay and French-Israeli travel tech startup Sweet Inn.

Its rebranding to Radical Storage feeds into the network’s mission of aiming to offer smart services and solutions that allow travellers to experience stress-free journeys. It now wants to build on its existing work in the luggage storage space, by updating its service into something original and innovative to transform the guest experience.

The usernames and passwords for all of BAGBNB’s partners and customers will remain the same as before. New changes to its offering, though, include the launch of a new app and a website with a “unique” user experience under the brand name of Radical Storage.

Meanwhile, contactless check-in and check-out systems will be simplified in order to provide maximum security and speed to the deposit procedure. All booking information will be available on the company’s app.

For more information, visit the Radical Storage website here.