Breezeway and NoiseAware have announced an integration

Breezeway and NoiseAware announce integration

US: Noise monitoring company NoiseAware has announced its integration with property care and operations platform, Breezeway.

As a result, NoiseAware will now be available to all Breezeway customers, adding indoor and outdoor noise mitigation and property protection to Breezeway’s automation tech stack.

In addition to optimising property service tasks such as turnover preparation, cleaning, maintenance scheduling, quality assurance and safety, Breezeway will now also enable property managers to monitor decibel levels at their properties through the Breezeway platform.

The integration includes NoiseAware’s AutoResolve service, which automatically messages guests when excessive noise is detected, solving noise issues in “less than 30 minutes 90 per cent of the time”, without management intervention or added cost. Guests will receive messages through Breezeway’s messaging platform, eliminating the need for multiple message threads and streamlining guest communication.

NoiseAware CEO Andrew Schulz said: “Along with Breezeway’s pre-stay messaging and post-stay turnover automation, adding NoiseAware helps solve the in-stay automation portion of the booking. Now property managers have key insights into what’s happening on property and guests have timely reminders of the house rules, while the process remains 100 per cent privacy-safe.”

Breezeway CEO Jeremy Gall said: “By bringing noise monitoring within the wider property care and guest messaging functions, we are enabling property operators to have more control over the quality of the guest experience, owner relationship and ultimately the standards of professionalism in their operations.”

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