Hostaway data suggests there will be record-breaking bookings in the USA this year

Hostaway data reveals record-breaking bookings for US holiday season

Canada: New data from all-in-one vacation rental software Hostaway has shown that travel bookings for the holiday season are on the rise in the United States.

Autumn and winter 2021 are set to see record-setting bookings during the holidays and long weekends for vacation rentals in particular, with average nightly rates up 23 per cent from last year.

For Thanksgiving, bookings [based on occupancy rates] are 21 per cent higher than 2020 and 29 per cent higher than 2019. For Christmas, bookings are also 32 per cent higher than last year – without even factoring in last-minute travel plans.

People are also planning to stay longer while travelling and visiting family.

The average length of stay over Thanksgiving has grown from 4.2 nights to 5.2 nights over the last year. For Christmas and New Years, the bookings are substantially longer than last year at this time – from an average stay of 4.5 nights to seven nights.

Marcus Rader, CEO and co-founder of Hostaway, said: “The numbers we’re seeing in Europe pale compared to booking data in the US – the demand for vacation rentals is the highest we’ve ever seen! This strongly indicates holiday travel is more likely to be domestic this year within the US, even as international borders open up.”

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