Tuesday 17 September [4pm BST] – M&A vision: Who, what, where, when and why?

Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

Sponsored by Key Data and Lodgify

Merger and acquisition [M&A] activity continues to accelerate in the short-term rental industry as consolidation occurs and the companies and firms with deep pockets and even loftier ambitions seek to increase their presence in the segment. But are there any trends in who is doing the acquiring and where it is occurring and what are the key questions that still need to be answered as the space evolves? All the while that there is economic and geopolitical uncertainty, we will see more M&A and more entrants into the STR vertical that are eyeing highly profitable businesses with great potential. This session will cast both a short-term and long-term gaze into the future of this segment.


You will learn:

  • Why businesses might feel that it is the right time to sell – when is it right and when is it not?
  • Trends in terms of recent mergers and acquisitions, highlighting the major transformative deals for the sector
  • What types of businesses are being acquired and what is most attractive for acquirers / investors
  • Which investors are acquiring businesses and the rise of PE involvement in the space
  • The factors that will determine the rate of M&A activity – both current and long-term
  • Which new players are eyeing the space for further consolidation



Speakers: TBC



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