STAA chair Merilee Karr [Credit: STAA]

STAA shares tips on avoiding Christmas “nightmares” with family

UK: The growing trend for Brits to rent properties through short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb or HomeAway is set for a festive bonanza this year over Christmas.

That is because traditions are changing, as more people than ever are predicted to rent a property near to their families instead of staying with them over the Christmas period.

According to the industry body, the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA), the most common reasons why people are looking to rent a property close to their families rather than staying together under one roof at Christmas are:

  1. Lack of personal space because of too many people in the house
  2. Inconvenient or uncomfortable sleeping arrangements
  3. Lack of decent wi-fi
  4. Family arguments
  5. Not being able to watch what they want on TV

But there are also plenty of enjoyable traditions that people look forward to when staying with their families, say the STAA, including:

  1. Playing games together such as charades, board and computer games
  2. Having a drink together
  3. Not having to drive on Christmas Day
  4. Fewer domestic chores
  5. Spending time with children / grandchildren

Merilee Karr, chair of the STAA, said: “People may not be travelling far for Christmas, but once they are away from home, they are at the mercy of their family hosts. One great solution for easing family pressures at Christmas is to rent a home close by rather than cramming everyone into one house. 

“Whilst we all love traditions, they change, and there is a growing trend at Christmas for people visiting family to rent a property that is close by rather than staying with them. We know that some people find the whole experience of staying with family stressful but could not contemplate an alternative because of pressure from their partner, not wanting to upset relatives or wishing to stick to tradition. 

“However, people now have greater accommodation choices and can rent a home that will make their stay a more comfortable one and reduce. Families can now have the best of both worlds by enjoying the social aspect of spending time together without missing out on home comforts and their own space. 

“It also helps reduce the burden on their host. That is a formula for a much happier Christmas for everyone,” she added. 

The UK sharing economy is predicted to grow 30 per cent per year over the next five years and the home accommodation industry is projected to be worth £52 billion (roughly the size of the aerospace and aviation industry).  Travel traditions are changing, and short-term rentals provide more choice and flexibility for consumers to tailor their holiday plans.

For more information, visit the STAA website here.

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