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A bill has been proposed in Costa Rica to regulate short-term rentals

Bill proposed to regulate short-term rentals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Governmental deputies in Costa Rica have proposed a bill to regulate short-term rental online platforms such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor and 

Airbnb lists around 14,000 lodging options in the country, including rooms, apartments, houses, chalets, bungalows and more. The Costa Rican Times says that the deputies believe non-traditional services such as those should adhere to the same rules, regulations and standards as hotels are as this ensures the security of tourists and maintains a more equal playing field.

If the proposed bill were to be passed, short-term rental homeowners would be required to register in a newly-created digital registry by the Tourism Institute in Costa Rica. In addition, they would need to register with the general directorate of the Ministry of Finance to send digital invoices and pay a 13 per cent value added tax established by the law.

The bill also proposes that rental homeowners would have to pay a fee between ten and 80 per cent of the base salary of a clerk of the judiciary, in relation to the maximum capacity of guests at the premises.

The bill has passed the first stage by being approved in the Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly. It will now go in the plenary with motions where changes can still be made before it goes to a final definitive vote.

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