HomeAway has temporarily changed its logo to StayHome for now [Credit: HomeAway]

HomeAway becomes “StayHome” for now

UK: HomeAway is temporarily changing its logo to “StayHome” for now, sending out a clear message to UK holidaymakers and holiday homeowners to follow the government’s advice to avoid all non-essential travel and to simply stay at home.

The edit has been made across HomeAway’s social channels including FacebookInstagram and Twitter. The company said it felt that it was only right to make the change during this uncertain time, to help ensure the advice reaches everyone across the UK.

Karen Mullins, regional director, UK & Ireland, said: “As an expert in family holiday rentals, we hope that this small change will have a big impact on customers who visit us and encourages everyone to stay home. As always, the safety of our holidaymakers and holiday homeowners’ families is our utmost priority and at the centre of everything we do.

“That is why we wanted to make it very clear, we take our responsibility towards our customers and UK communities extremely seriously and strongly encourage everyone to act responsibly by staying at home.

“Without doubt, these extreme circumstances require a lot of adjustment for everyone involved. Although we love to travel and provide holidaymakers and their families with the perfect holiday home to build unforgettable memories, it is important for them to stay away from our favourite UK and global holiday destinations for now and come back later when we can.

“You will travel again and we are here to provide you with a unique place to stay when the time is right. For now, #StayHome,” she added.

In addition to the temporary change to the logo, HomeAway says it is continuously communicating via its social media and marketing channels to holidaymakers and homeowners on how crucial it is to be compliant with the travel guidance from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office [FCO] to release pressure on local communities and services that are already at risk.

The company has also implemented banners on all landing pages for restricted areas in the UK and globally to remind its customers of the current travel restrictions and highlights that it is essential to check the latest travel advisories from health officials and local authorities.

Holidaymakers and holiday homeowners can find further guidance and information about the StayHome name change on the HomeAway online help centre.

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