LuggageHero CEO and founder, Jannik Lawaetz [Credit: LuggageHero]

LuggageHero pre-registers 1500+ potential investors in fundraising campaign

Copenhagen: Luggage storage network LuggageHero has announced it has pre-registered more than 1,500 potential investors for its upcoming crowd-sourced fundraising campaign through the Seedrs platform, with the first thousand signing up within 24 hours.

As the result, the company says it is bucking the trend by showing that investing in travel startups is not over during these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  

CEO and co-founder, Jannik Lawaetz, said: “While new funding in travel startups is expected to continue to plummet this year because of coronavirus health concerns and economic fallout, we’ve been able to keep our momentum going.

“While we take the current health and economic situation extremely seriously, we also are optimistic that not only will travel return, there will be a pent-up demand for it. We are poised to capture that, and judging from the investment interest, the public feels the same way,” he added.

The fundraising campaign is expected to go live next week at Would-be investors are encouraged to pre-register here, a time-saving move that assures them a place in line.

Last year, LuggageHero raised $1.5 million from its first Seedrs campaign. It used that funding to expand into 36 more cities in North America and Europe.

The on-demand storage service is now available in 40 major cities, with more than 1,000 storage locations in existing businesses, including shops, cafes and hotels. The purpose of this new funding round is to continue its geographic expansion and develop related new services.

For more information, visit the LuggageHero website here.

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