PointCentral launches smart noise monitor

US: PointCentral, a provider of rental property automation for short- and long-term property managers and a subsidiary of Alarm.com, has announced the launch of its smart noise monitor exclusively for short-term rental properties.

Noise is an increasingly important issue among rising regulatory pressures in short-term rentals. Depending on where you operate, fines for noise violations can be high. In certain municipalities, a noise complaint can result in a fine of $250 or more, and further incidents could result in a loss of permit.

The new PointCentral smart noise monitor seeks to help short-term rental owners and managers protect their properties from house party damage and prevent noise complaints and fines by measuring indoor noise levels 24/7. Property managers receive alerts when noise levels are exceeded based on the thresholds and durations they have set, allowing them to manage issues immediately with real-time and historical data on noise activity.

The sensor is privacy-safe so it does not record any conversations; only measuring decibel levels.

Nate Wysk, general manager of PointCentral, said: “We’re excited to launch our noise monitoring solution. The regulations and challenges that the short-term rental industry is currently facing in this area continue to be a big pain point for managers.

“Tech solutions that address these pressures are in high demand right now as they help managers solve for noise disruptions that, left unchecked, could threaten their ability to rent out a particular property or in a particular community,” he added.

The smart noise monitor is fully integrated with the PointCentral platform so managers can monitor noise along with access, energy, water and more.