TravelNest optimism survey reveals positive views of future travel

UK: Short-term rental marketing platform TravelNest has revealed the results of their industry optimism Survey.

The survey, which tracks the attitude of UK travellers, has revealed a surprising amount of optimism and positivity about travel after the coronavirus pandemic

TravelNest marketing VP Cameron Boal said: “Despite the huge restrictions placed on our lives by Coronavirus, appetite for travel remains strong, with a number of interesting trends within the data – particularly when it comes to accommodation preferences and trip spending. The results are welcome news for the vacation rentals sector and overall give a strong indication of a forthcoming upswing in bookings once restrictions ease.”

The survey gathered data from 350 respondents, on their likelihood to pursue travel in the wake of the global pandemic. Additional questions covered the location of travel, as well as the amenities, money spent, and additional surrounding services that travelers may want.

Furthermore, 72 per cent of respondents answered they were likely to book a trip for post lockdown. Of that, 50 per cent responded, ‘very likely,’ demonstrating significant interest in travel after the pandemic.

Of those surveyed, 84 per cent would aim to travel within a year of the end of lockdown, with at least 20 per cent believing travel would be possible during the summer. Respondents still would aim for safer travel, choosing to either stay in the UK or in Europe, rather than long haul trips.

Most importantly for the industry, however, two-thirds of those surveyed would prefer to stay in a vacation rental or holiday home as opposed to a traditional hotel. 83 per cent noted that services like cleaning were important to them going forward.

Short-term rentals have been struggling due to the global pandemic. Most businesses have shuttered their doors entirely, and platforms like Airbnb have placed a ban on UK rentals until the end of lockdown.

However, with the survey showing that 74 per cent of respondents would spend the same amount on travel as before, coronavirus may be only a temporary roadblock.