Tuesday 20 Feb [4pm GMT] – Mastering hyper-local pricing for hyper-effective results

Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

Sponsored by PriceLabs

In a competitive and ever-evolving pricing and revenue management landscape, this webinar will focus on the benefits of leveraging hyper-local data to deliver pricing precision and streamlined operations, and providing performance metrics for faster, more informed decisions.

You will learn:

  • How hyper-local comp-sets for seasonality and weekday pricing enhance accuracy and relevance
  • How PriceLabs analyses previous pacing, early demand signals, competitor cues and hotel rates
  • How you can adapt fast to market changes to maximise event, daily, and seasonal revenue
  • How to minimise manual pricing adjustments to save time
  • How PriceLabs serves the┬áneeds of everyone from large property managers to single-property owners



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