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The inaugural Book Direct Show was held on 29-30 September 2020

2020 Book Direct Show: Review

Worldwide: More than 200 people from 24 countries tuned in to the inaugural Book Direct Show, which was hosted virtually from Barcelona on 29-30 September 2020.

The Show, organised by directors Damian Sheridan, Deborah Labi and Gianpaolo Vairo, was specifically aimed at hoteliers, short-term rental managers and serviced accommodation providers who want to generate more direct bookings and reduce their reliance on major third-party booking platforms. In addition, it sought to give attendees the opportunity to learn actionable insights and “inspirational” direct booking strategies from dozens of carefully selected industry experts.

With over 50 industry expert speakers and leading direct booking strategists from 17 countries participating in the Book Direct Show, topics included “Standards and professionalism, customer expectations in the new world”, “The power of OTAs vs the glory of direct bookings” and “Consumer trust and the guest experience during Covid and beyond”. VRM Intel editor and founder, Amy Hinote, also delivered a #BookDirect introduction on the opening day of the Show.

Book Direct Show 2020 tickets remain available and those who register will be able to watch back all 51 presentations at any time until 31 December 2020 at the link here.

Damian Sheridan, director of the inaugural Book Direct Show, said: “We are thrilled to have had so many accommodation managers from around the world join us to learn dozens of actionable direct booking strategies. The feedback has been terrific.

“We knew the depth of education being provided was phenomenal, but to see such a positive response from attendees is hugely rewarding for our small independent team.

“We are already planning the 2021 Book Direct Show. Subject to the coronavirus situation, we hope this can take the form of a hybrid in-person / virtual event in Europe in October 2021,” he added.

Attendees took to the individual presentation pages to express their thoughts on the event, including:

“Wow! What a ton of terrific information! Thank you so much for getting into the nitty-gritty of exactly how to do these important steps. I really appreciate the step-by-step outlines and then examples to follow it up. I am so inspired thanks.”

“Very clear and excellent.”

“Brilliant information.”

“This is a great presentation for anyone starting out on their Book Direct journey or wanting to know how to scale up their current Book Direct business structure.”

“Great presentation, I was engaged the entire time. I am just starting my business page and I love posting stories!”

“Wow loved it – this Book Direct Show is awesome.”

Sheridan and Labi also recently joined a special episode of the ShortTermRentalz podcast to discuss their reasons for launching the Book Direct Show, the benefits of attracting direct bookings, how independent property owners can leverage OTAs but at the same time not rely on them, and the growing strength of the vacation rental industry. Listen back to the episode here.

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