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Airbnb partners with Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

Canada: Airbnb has announced that it is partnering with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada [ITAC] to help promote tourism for its operators. 

Both groups hope that the partnership will promote historical learning and understanding for both Canadians and international tourists.

Airbnb has developed a website dedicated to highlighting indigenous experiences in connection with this partnership, highlighting relevant hosts and experiences. Furthermore, it will provide data to ITAC to help improve their marketing strategy and help drive revenues across the various communities.

Alex Dagg, Airbnb senior policy director for the northeast US and Canada, said: “At Airbnb it’s our mission to help people make meaningful connections, which is why we are proud to partner with ITAC to safely connect travellers with Indigenous Cultures and communities in Canada. We’re excited about promoting economic development through safe and healthy tourism with ITAC.”

In exchange, ITAC will encourage its members to use the Airbnb platform for hosting purposes. Members of indigenous communities already using the platform for homes and experiences have praised the potential partnership’s potential to educate.

Keith Henry, CEO and president of ITAC, said: “Partnering with Airbnb will significantly raise awareness of indigenous tourism across Canada and makes it even easier for travellers to book and create their own itineraries, including accommodations and experiences. We look forward to a close working relationship and applaud the Airbnb team for understanding that demand for authentic indigenous tourism experiences is only growing and supporting the economic development of indigenous communities across the country.”

This is one of many partnerships that Airbnb is engaging in to help promote the revitalisation of tourism and improve the reach of various locations. The company has partnered with a variety of destination management organisations and marketing boards, providing them similar access to data and insights to better leverage the Airbnb platform.

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