Airbnb Plus has revealed its design trends for 2019 [Credit: Airbnb]

Airbnb Plus reveals its five major design trends ahead for 2019

Worldwide: A year after its launch, Airbnb Plus has partnered with its hosts to predict some of the most exciting trends for 2019.

The programme, which promotes one-of-a-kind, design-focused homes, came up with a list of trends after identifying the most frequently-used terms within Airbnb Plus listing descriptions and photo captions.

Here are Airbnb Plus’ design trends for 2019:

Green is the New Black
Airbnb Plus research revealed the words “green” and “natural” have been used more than a thousand times by its hosts to describe their homes that are both welcoming and beautiful. The trend highlights how the natural world can have a striking impact on an interior by including features such as potted plants, feature firewood, fresh flowers and ferns to transform an Airbnb Plus home.

Rustic Chic
Likewise, words like “historic” and “modern” are used by the same hosts to describe single homes which blend historic exteriors with modern interiors. One Airbnb Plus host, architect Elena, infused her futuristic Tuscan treehouse with a steampunk aesthetic and installed retro fixtures and fittings to create a contemporary home.

Bottom Up Lux
Airbnb data showed that around 850 hosts bought new rugs, or updated and refurbished their floors in 2018. An analysis of the most frequently-used design terms by Airbnb Plus hosts also shone a light on the fact that “polished floors” and “high ceilings” are trending buzzwords when it comes to interiors.

One trend is abundantly clear: comfort is king. In the past year, there has been a subtle divergence from the stark minimalism of previous years to a more feel-good aesthetic, with hosts using fabrics and other comforting materials to offer a more welcoming and hospitable ambience.

Colour Pop
A review of thousands of photos revealed that a more neutral colour palate is still popular, but only when paired with bold pops of vibrant colour on feature walls and multi-coloured artwork. In doing so, many hosts believe it makes their interior come to life and provides guests with a fresh and uplifting space. Research has shown that over 4,500 hosts painted walls or hung new art before putting their home on the site. Meanwhile, words like “fresh”, “vibrant” and “bright” have been used over 900 times in listing descriptions for Airbnb Plus listings.

Other Airbnb Plus statistics from 2018 also showed that 2,969 hosts bought new pillows, 1,441 hosts restocked their house with brand-new hand towels before their first guests arrived and 3,467 hosts bought bubble bath and other toiletries.

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