Angel Host and INTO partner for INTO GUESTY solution

Canada: INTO, a company specialising in AI integration, and rental maximisation startup Angel Host have partnered to launch INTO GUESTY, a “groundbreaking” technology that combines the power of AI with the Guesty platform to supercharge the productivity of guest services teams while significantly improving guest satisfaction.

INTO GUESTY features will include:

Effortless responses: By generating accurate, well-formulated answers to guest inquiries directly from the Guesty inbox, saving time and providing comprehensive support.

Multilingual mastery: Overcoming language barriers, by communicating with guests in their preferred language, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience.

Adaptive tone and mood detection: Adapting to the brand’s tone and detects guest moods, enabling tailored and empathetic responses.

Conversation summarisation: AI-powered summarisation provides a concise overview of guest conversations, improving response efficiency and identifying areas for improvement.

Eduardo Mandri, co-founder and CEO of Angel Host, said: “By employing this technology in our own operations, we’ve witnessed firsthand its potential to improve guest satisfaction and streamline our processes. We’re now excited to empower other property managers with the same innovative tool that is reshaping our own approach to hospitality.”

Alain Paquin, co-founder of INTO, said: “We are thrilled to forge this distribution partnership with Angel Host, launching INTO GUESTY and catalysing a revolution in customer service within the short-term rental industry. This ongoing collaboration, which unites our technological expertise in AI with Angel Host’s experience and in-dept knowledge of the industry, not only equips property managers with ways to optimise operations and elevate guest experiences but also assures that INTO GUESTY will continue to evolve in a manner that addresses the ever-changing needs of property managers worldwide.”

INTO GUESTY is said to represent a significant advancement in AI-powered solutions for short-term rentals, enabling property managers to maximise their revenue potential while providing exceptional service.

INTO specialises in AI integration and the development of cutting-edge solutions for various industries, enabling businesses to leverage AI capabilities and gain a competitive edge.

Helping property managers and property investors outperform their markets, Montreal-based Angel Host creates and integrates advanced tech solutions and proprietary revenue algorithms with a “genuine human connection” to deliver the best possible results. The company currently operates in seven countries in America and Europe.