Blueground has introduced its Nomads programme [Credit: Blueground]

Blueground introduces Nomads flexible working model

Greece: Proptech startup Blueground has introduced Blueground Nomads, a flexible and innovative working model designed to give the power of choice to the employee.

Staying true to its vision of making people feel ‘at home’ wherever they choose to live, Blueground now offers its employees the opportunity to feel ‘at home’ wherever they choose to work.

Listening to new trends in teleworking models worldwide [flexible / hybrid] and aiming to provide an international-standard work environment and lead the way, Blueground aims to redefine the concept of ‘working-from-home’.

To give employees even more flexibility, Blueground Nomads includes three different flexible working models, designed to be able to help them choose the ideal working conditions for both the needs of each person’s role and for them personally. At the same time, for those who choose to work in one of the 14 cities in which the company operates, Blueground Nomads offers a discount on its apartments, in order to help them adapt to their new position even more smoothly.

More specifically, the three flexible working models of Blueground Nomads:

  • ‘Work From Anywhere’: Blueground employees can customise their schedule according to their personal needs and preferences, depending on the needs of their roles. Choices range from working five days a week at one of Blueground’s offices worldwide, full teleworking, and an intermediate hybrid model [one to four days a week in the office]. Employees can actually work from anywhere, however, if they choose to live and work in one of the global markets in which Blueground operates, and they can also benefit from special rates for renting Blueground apartments [all employees already receive two weeks of free accommodation in a Blueground apartment each year].

  • ‘Short- or Long-Term Assignment’: Blueground believes that living and working in a new place benefits the mind and spirit, so it urges its employees to volunteer for either short-term or long-term assignments around the world, with the ultimate goal of their personal and professional development. The duration of the assignments depends on the resulting projects and varies from two months to one year.

  • ‘International Transfer’: The third pillar of Blueground’s new initiative is international transfers. Blueground employees can pursue a career in one of the company’s subsidiaries in another country. As these are permanent transfers, an internal recruitment process is followed to manage them.

Blueground co-founder and CEO, Alex Chatzieleftheriou, said: “The flexibility, exploration and freedom to choose how and where to live one’s life is at the heart of Blueground’s business model. Having lived in 15 cities around the world, I feel that exposure to different geographies and cultures broadens personal horizons and helps people evolve.

“Through the Blueground Nomads programme, we remove barriers and provide our people with options, opportunities and tools to choose the best work environment for them,” he added.

By implementing the new initiative, Blueground is aiming to develop new talents that are given the opportunity to unleash their creativity and skills, enjoy work flexibility, and develop as professionals and as personalities.

Founded in Athens in 2013, Blueground has grown rapidly in the proptech space, and how has a presence in Greece, the USA, Great Britain, France, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. The startup also won a 2021 Shortyz Award for the ‘Best urban property management company’ award.

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