Breezeway releases quality assurance and safety report

US: Property operations and service platform Breezeway has released a report that illustrates the impact of changing traveller demands on property care and safety programmes for short-term rental properties. 

The company surveyed hundreds of professional short-term rental operators across the globe, with portfolio sizes ranging from single digit to thousands of properties. The resulting report shows that property managers are focused on maintaining high-quality properties through stronger safety and quality assurance programmes.

While 95 per cent of respondents stated that they plan on implementing changes to their operations to help guests feel more confident in the safety of their rentals, 83 per cent plan on enhancing their quality assurance programmes, 39 per cent are using customised checklists for dedicated safety inspections, and 13 per cent are interested in certifying their rental properties through independent safety programmes.

Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO of Breezeway, said: “In this new world of travel, a high standard of cleanliness is a baseline expectation for short-term and vacation rental guests.

“2020 has accelerated the emphasis on quality in the vacation rental industry and fuelled higher expectations for property preparation among guests and owners. Safety has now become synonymous with quality.

“We’re seeing more and more professional property managers re-dedicate themselves to automated and controlled operations and standards, so they can deliver a better client experience,” he added.

Quality assurance for short-term and vacation rental property management revolves around confidence that the rental is well prepared for the next guest or owner. Maintaining property to high-quality standards includes detailed cleaning, property upkeep, preventative maintenance, as well as verification that certain physical safety features are present and functioning appropriately [such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers].

Breezeway’s property operations software and mobile apps have facilitated over three million property service tasks across more than 80 million square feet of private homes and accommodations.