Exceptional Villas has launched an eco-friendly portfolio [Credit: EV]

Exceptional Villas launches eco-friendly rental portfolio

Worldwide: Short-term rental luxury villa company Exceptional Villas has launched a new eco-friendly portfolio that includes villas, private islands and vacation rentals around the world.

The aim is to encourage both owners and clients to think about the environment and how they can make a difference. The global villa rental company says it is “100 per cent committed to raising awareness of the importance of being eco-friendly and staying in Eco Friendly Villas while travelling”.

The launch of the portfolio begins by encouraging owners to adopt sustainability goals within their existing homes or when developing new properties.

To be able to achieve this, Exceptional Villas also needed to ensure its objectives fell into line with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), which include responsible consumption and production, climate action and life below water. Furthermore, it must then persuade clients to book the properties which have had the environmentally friendly product features integrated.

Exceptional Villas has also issued the following guidelines, tips and advice on how clients can have the most environmentally friendly vacation possible:

• Only using reef-safe sunscreens, shampoos and body wash while on vacation. Reef safe means that these products are not toxic to the coral reef ecosystem or underwater life.
• Using natural chemical-free mosquito repellent.
• Switching off air-conditioning unless necessary and especially closing doors to the outside when the air-conditioning system is in use.
• Choosing eco-friendly villas and vacation rentals
• Visiting Zero Kilometer Restaurants where all the food is grown and produced in the gardens or farm of the restaurant. Equally Farm to Table restaurants is a great choice.
• Choosing countries that are high up on the Environment Performance Index (EPI) such as Switzerland and Costa Rica.
• Spending more time doing non-motorized water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing
• Supporting businesses, restaurants and bars that already are committed to sustainability.

Exceptional Villas owner and CEO, Alexandra Baradi, said: “We are delighted with the response and interest we have received on our new eco-friendly portfolio as well as the support from owners in adopting environmental improvements.”

For more information, visit the Exceptional Villas website here.

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