Meituan has rebranded its accommodation marketplace [Credit: China Money Network]

Meituan rebrands Hazelnut accommodation marketplace

China: On-demand service provider Meituan – Dianping has rebranded its existing accommodation marketplace Hazelnut B&B as Meituan B&B.

The marketplace seeks to match up individual landlords with those who want to stay in local rental homes rather than hotels.

Since launching Hazelnut in 2017, Meituan has secured over 720,000 places for travellers in more than 150,000 lodgings in 350 cities in China, as it looks to establish itself as one of the fastest developing platforms in the sector in the country.

The purpose of the rebranding, according to Meituan B&B head Feng Weihe, is to increase the public consciousness of the brand. Weihe will continue to lead the segment and report to Meituan senior vice president Zhang Chuan, who heads up the ‘in-store, hotel and travel’ business segment.

The corporate structure, operational mode and developmental direction of Meituan B&B will remain as it existed before the rebranding.

For more information, visit the Meituan website here.

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