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Extended stay provider BridgeStreet expands offer to include vacation rental units

US: BridgeSteet has expanded its offer to business travellers to include options such as vacation rentals, hostels and hotels.

The company says its new Six Ways to Stay booking platform provides “easy access to trusted, global accommodations across both traditional and alternative hospitality experiences in a single, easy-to-use user experience”. BridgeStreet has traditionally been a serviced apartment operator but over the last couple of years has transformed itself primarily in to an OTA for business travel.

The new platform enables corporate travel managers, clients and business travellers to book professionally-operated extended stay hotels, branded hotels, furnished homes, urban and resort vacation rentals, serviced apartments and design-led hostels.

The platform has been launched to “singularly meet the needs of BridgeStreet’s business customer’s demands: rate transparency, duty to take care of your traveller, trusted data management, ease of use, reporting and real-time booking.”

Sean Worker, BridgeStreet president and CEO, said: “It’s rare that any business finds the opportunity to take advantage of special market conditions – but we have. Six Ways to Stay marks a turning point for business travel and how it operates. Simply put – we’ve made it easier than it’s ever been, providing every guarantee and convenience the travel department needs to operate with confidence. With millions of accommodations now available on the site (and growing), Six Ways to Stay is proof of a growing extended stay industry in need and our BridgeStreet technology platform delivering a promise. If you build it, they will come.”

“We’re undergoing real transformation, servicing over 22,000 cities, with millions of choices and Six Ways to Stay, all supported by BridgeStreet teams from San Francisco to Singapore,” added Worker. “When other industry players were reading tea leaves, we were listening and learning from customers. Trust is the new currency and we’ve built this platform to deliver on that understanding in every way – from rate transparency to duty of care. It’s about providing ‘Your Stay, Your Way’ with confidence, every time.”

Chief technology officer Aaron Turner said: “Here at BridgeStreet we’re really focusing on making business travel easy – whether it’s for our clients, our suppliers, or our guests. Six Ways to Stay facilitates every interaction – whether physical or virtual open APIs are readily available, integrating software packages, reservation management systems and content management systems, we have become an end-to-end solution for all.”

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