The Mirror Cube Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina [Credit: Foothold]

Foothold launches real estate crowdfunding product

US: Miami-based startup Foothold [], a real estate crowdfunding platform for investing in unique hotels and glamping spaces, has publicly launched its product.

Having completed compliance with the US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] and finalised the development of an online platform for processing investments, the product is now available to both accredited and non-accredited investors, as of 8 November.

Founded in September last year, Foothold enables people to invest “in a few minutes” and receive discounts for staying in them, while seeking to counter the narrative that investing in real estate typically requires time, experience and substantial capital. The fractional investment platform focuses on hotels and glamping spaces with unique architectural designs across the world.

Describing itself as a pioneer in the ‘invest and stay’ concept, Foothold will soon make it possible for investors to invest in its ‘Patagonia Mirror Hotel’ resort. Furthermore, the company is actively seeking hospitality and glamping space developers in the United States with the aim of offering the platform to local investors starting in 2024.

Germán Rimoldi, co-founder and CEO of Foothold, said: “Our long-term vision is to create a solution to help real estate developers and architects in securing funding to turn their visions into reality. We collaborate with them to create unique short-term rentals with the potential to captivate Airbnb users.”

In 2012, Rimoldi founded, the first peer-to-peer car rental company in Latin America. He also authored the book ‘The new grave dancer: investing in short-term rentals in distressed markets for optimal returns‘, which provides a step-by-step guide for identifying markets with high capital profit potential, locating short-term rental properties with strong cash flow, and managing properties abroad remotely.

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