GUARDHOG has launched its SUPERHOG sister company [Credit: SUPERHOG]

GUARDHOG launches global ID verification platform SUPERHOG

UK: P2P insurer GUARDHOG Technologies has launched a sister company, SUPERHOG, which it claims will provide financially “guaranteed” global ID verification services to the vacation rental community.

The sister company was born out of the GUARDHOG team’s learnings from insuring millions of nights of bookings over the last three years. They recognised that insurance, by itself, is not the solution to the problems in the industry such as fraud, illegal parties, home-wrecking and fake properties, and that it is vital to prevent things going wrong in the first place.

As a result, they have launched SUPERHOG to make the home-sharing community a safer place to participate in – to place trust firmly at the centre of the community.

The global verification platform has been created to independently verify all parties in the short-term rental sector, providing peace of mind that a person, property or company are who/what they claim to be. Their verification tools highlight risky or un-verified participants, enabling all parties to avoid the devastating consequences of fraudsters, scammers and home wreckers.

With the ability to integrate into any marketplace, platform, PMS, property manager or tech-enabled sharing business, it will uncover and remove scammers and fraudsters entirely making home-sharing, privately or as a business, risk free.

SUPERHOG aims to verify hosts, guests and properties, and it will provide a £1 million booking guarantee against damage and liability on all bookings between its members. A range of other benefits include guest protection and a £1,000 virtual damage deposit.

As well as utilising AI, predictive analysis and machine learning, the platform uses a number of screening and verification tools to provide hosts, guests, property managers and rental platforms with the information and means to verify each other so there are no surprises on check-in or check-out.

SUPERHOG’s guarantee, which has been backed by some of the world’s leading insurance providers, is supported by verification technology and is designed to help the global vacation home rental sector become a truly safe space.

Humphrey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of GUARDHOG Technologies, said: “The short-term rental industry is changing rapidly, but the increase in bad actors [both hosts and guests] operating in the space is threatening the whole community. Our mission is to stop these people being able to operate.

“Insurance is brilliant and can help clear up a mess, but it is so much better to prevent things happening in the first place. That is why we created SUPERHOG,” he added.

For more information, visit the GUARDHOG website here.

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