GuestReady is adding Edinburgh and Manchester to its UK portfolio

GuestReady prepares to expand UK services to Edinburgh and Manchester

Edinburgh: Airbnb management company GuestReady is expanding its UK services to Edinburgh, as a response to rising tourist demand for accommodation in the Scottish capital.

The firm, which was founded back in 2016, is also adding Manchester to its UK operations, which means it will be expanding its offering of services to 10 cities across six countries.

It said the tourism industry in Edinburgh and Manchester was “booming”, which coincided with both cities being included in VisitBritain’s top towns for ‘staying visits’. They were placed second and third on the list respectively.

The company noted the increasing popularity of properties being listed on vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb, putting this down to the fact such platforms offer competitive prices to travellers looking to have a unique holiday experience which will allow them to immerse themselves in the local culture.

GuestReady has integrated a property value calculator on its website which helps potential hosts to work out the value of their properties on these platforms. According to data released by the company, a two-bedroom apartment listed in Edinburgh can earn up to £3,400 per month.

In the Old Town, such properties can reach £3,380 a month; £3,315 in the New Town; £3,060 in the West End; £2805 in Leith; £2,422 in Tollcross and £2,295 in Newington.

Speaking to Insider, Dale Hornidge, city manager Edinburgh at GuestReady, said: “Being north of the border, Edinburgh often gets over-looked but Scotland’s tourism industry is booming and nowhere is that more evident than Edinburgh.

“With 12 festivals throughout the year, there is always something on and bringing in tourists from all over the globe. Edinburgh has become a super popular destination for tourists meaning that homeowners are able to make the most out of their property when listing it in a vacation rental platform, bringing in several thousand pounds per month.

“We at GuestReady hope to become the go-to management agency for hosts looking for a truly personalised management experience,” he added.

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