Guesty partners with data exchange platform Journera

US: Property management platform Guesty has partnered with real-time data exchange platform Journera, which aims to establish seamless travel by providing insights into guest arrivals and departures to property managers. 

The offering adds greater intelligence to the Guesty platform by informing property managers about expected arrival and departure times of guests as well as any changes or disruptions that happen to their flights in order to ensure a smooth stay for all parties involved.

Journera, whose commercial partners include many of the world’s largest travel companies such as United Airlines and American Airlines, uses real-time flight information to arm property managers with critical intelligence on incoming guests. This puts them in a better position to plan for peak arrival times, coordinate check-ins, clean properties more quickly after guest departures, and respond to the impact of unexpected events, such as weather, which can result in long delays in arrivals or even cancellations.

Guesty head of business development, Sheli Grumet, said: “Our partnership with Journera helps to create even more value for property managers who rely on Guesty to better manage their businesses. As of today, property managers can better plan for the peaks and valleys in guest flow and the last-minute disruptions that are inevitable in any short-term rental business.” 

The Guesty platform enables property management companies and professional property managers to automate and streamline the complex operational tasks associated with short-term rentals. Its 13 core features include a multi-calendar tool that syncs all bookings in one place, and a unified inbox that centralises all guest communication in one location – the Guesty dashboard. 

The company has customers in more than 70 countries, managing hundreds of thousands of listings in total.

Journera CEO Jeffrey Katz said: “At Journera, we have a vision for creating more seamless journeys for all travellers. That requires ensuring the people instrumental to the travel experience – like Guesty’s property managers – are connected with the intelligence they need to anticipate guest needs. 

“We see this as an important step in weaving together every element of the journey, from the front porch of your home to your destination, in a smarter and more seamless way,” he added.

In addition to Guesty, Journera’s commercial partners include major travel companies such as Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Together, they account for nearly 40 per cent of all travel in the United States. 

To date, Journera has processed over one billion discrete travel events for more than 140 million travelling customers of these brands who originate from the United States.

For more information, visit the Guesty website here and the Journera website here.