Airbnb has teamed up with Mexican startup Rutopia [Credit: Mazatlan Post]

Airbnb joins forces with Rutopía for eco-friendly experiences in Mexico

Mexico: Airbnb has teamed up with Mexican travel startup Rutopía to offer travellers a variety of immersive, eco-friendly experiences, including pulque tasting, volcano climbing and jungle exploring.

The startup, which was founded by Emiliano Iturriaga, Sebastián Muñoz, Diego Espinoza and Leslie Pérez in 2017 offers the experiences most notably among its unique rural and indigenous communities via its platform. 

Anyone heading to the southern states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Campeche will be able to access these socially-responsible experiences through Airbnb’s app.

From the overall proceeds, 80 per cent will be donated to the indigenous communities who host the activity and Rutopía uses the remaining 20 per cent to cover its operational expenses, as well expand its network of rural communities for future experiences.

A summary of the Rutopía experiences is here:

  • Journey to the top of the Tacaná: a guide will take travellers through the jungle in Chiapas to reach the summit of the Tacaná, an active volcano on the edge of Mexico’s border with Guatemala.
  • Enjoy real Mexican coffee on the lakeside of the Tziscao in Chiapas and take part in kayaking, swimming or fishing.
  • Taste pulque, a traditional fermented drink that dates back to the pre-Colombian era, and mix with the Mixtec community.
  • Make your own indigenous community handcrafts at the Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul.

For more information, visit the Rutopía website here.

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