The Photomatix Real Estate Camera app serves rental property owners and real estate agents

HDRsoft releases Photomatix Real Estate Camera app

UK: HDRsoft has launched its Photomatix Real Estate Camera iPhone app which aims to provide solutions to technical challenges in real estate photography. 

As a result, both do-it-yourself real estate agents and vacation rental property owners with iPhones will be able to use the app to produce the best possible photographs to promote their properties.

According to Redfin, homes with high-quality photos receive a 47 per cent higher asking price per square foot. Likewise, Airbnb claims rental listings via their platform that use professionally-captured photos command up to 40 per cent more in total earnings.

Photography in the real estate space throws up a number of obstacles, for example lighting is a challenge with interiors when bright light is coming through the windows. While HDRsoft says that the default iOS Camera app is too dark in this situation to take effective photographs, it claims that the Photomatix Real Estate Camera app can capture well-lit photographs where both the room and view are correctly exposed.

In addition, the app requires no professional experience or extra equipment. With only an iPhone and Photomatix RE Camera, users can take professional quality photos to showcase a house on real estate Multiple List Services (MLS), vacation rental online services, and similar services.

Some of the key tools provided by the app include lighting presets so users can change the appearance of the photo after the shot.

There are also tools to quickly fine-tune brightness, contrast, and colour adjustments, while a crop tool outputs photos to an MLS crop ratio. A straightening tool can also be used to fix sloping floors or walls that do not line up properly because of perspective issues.

For more information, visit the HDRsoft website here.

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