Hostfully has introduced an AI-powered itinerary planner

Hostfully introduces AI-powered itinerary planner

US: Vacation rental software solution provider Hostfully has launched an AI-powered itinerary planner, described as a “first-of-its-kind” feature in the digital guidebook industry.

The innovative tool has been created to empower hosts to offer personalised experiences to guests with efficiency and ease, creating unforgettable moments while streamlining their operations.

The new AI-powered itinerary planner is designed to enhance the guest experience by curating tailored itineraries based on their unique travel arrangements and preferences. Guests are able to input their desired type of activities, group size, duration of stay, and other relevant details, and within minutes, the AI tool will map out comprehensive itineraries showcasing the best local attractions, dining options, and customised recommendations.

Hostfully says that it is the first digital guidebook company to integrate such advanced artificial intelligence technology into its platform.

Hostfully CEO Margot Schmorak said: “These extremely powerful AI tools enable users to ask computers in regular and natural language. We immediately saw the opportunity it presented in the hospitality sector.”

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, Hostfully wants to “revolutionise” the way in which hosts engage with their guests and provide unforgettable travel experiences.

The AI tool’s personalised itineraries and improved guest experiences are set to have a ripple effect on vacation rental business owners. With custom recommendations, guests are more likely to leave glowing five-star reviews, thereby boosting the reputation of the rental properties, managers and owners.

Additionally, the tool enables hosts to provide unique guest experiences without the need to scale their front-office staff or spend countless hours planning individual itineraries. The AI takes care of the time-consuming process, offering hosts more freedom to focus on other aspects of their business while still offering exceptional service.

David Jacoby, president at Hostfully, said: “Our digital guidebooks have always focused on providing the best possible experience to guests, including curated recommendations from the host. We are thrilled to be able to expand this by also providing AI-powered custom itineraries for guests.”

Jacoby emphasised the scalability of the AI itinerary planner, adding: “Now guests will get the best of both worlds: the hidden local gems that only the host knows about, of course, and now it’s also combined with the ideal recommendations based on the guest’s preferences. Whether you are a solo traveller on a shoestring budget who likes hikes, or you’re a wealthy couple who loves museums and theatres, your guidebook will be tailored uniquely to you.”

As an added bonus for guests, Hostfully has integrated with travel experiences marketplace Viator so hosts and property managers can earn commission on tours that are included in the itinerary.

As a preferred partner of Airbnb, Vrbo and, the SaaS company aims to enable hosts to streamline their operations, enhance guest experiences and maximise revenue while using the comprehensive digital guidebooks and property management platform.

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