Jerusalem-based band denounces Airbnb for intervention in West Bank in viral video

Israel: A Jerusalem-based band has gone viral after uploading a song called “Delete Airbnb” about the rental platform’s decision to remove all Israeli and Jewish-owned properties in Judea and Samaria.

Portnoy, comprised of brotherly duo, Sruli and Mendy Portnoy, have created the song, which features lyrics including “I’m gonna take you off of my phone/ Until you stop discriminating on my home”.

The song has already generated thousands of views and shares on social media platforms and on PORTNOY’s Facebook page when the band posted it last week following Airbnb’s controversial move.

Sruli Portnoy told The Jewish Journal: “It’s disappointing that a world-renowned company like Airbnb gave in to a bunch of BDS bullies who are hell-bent on spreading anti-Semitism.”

However, Facebook removed the song within a few hours of the song being posted without providing an explanation or advanced warning.

Pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs also shared the song to its own Facebook page where it has received upwards of 123,000 views.

The two musicians went to the recording studio to express their anger at Facebook and Airbnb and recorded a new version with extended lyrics. This included lyrics that were critical of the social media platform: “This used to be a little song about fair play/ Until they chose to make our clip fly fly away/ Doing disappearing tricks on what we sing/ Well hasn’t this gone far beyond left or right wing.”

The revised clip also features footage showing newspaper clippings of Airbnb’s announcement, and incendiary tweets from Israeli politicians, including cabinet minister Michael Oren, who denounced Airbnb’s policy as “the very definition of anti-Semitism”.

Mendy Portnoy conceded that although the band did not want to engage in political issues, there was no choice on this occasion.

Portnoy told the Jewish Journal: “Out of all the things we least enjoy getting involved with, politics is definitely at the top of the list but when the line between politics and blatant anti-Semitism becomes a blurred, we feel that we must use our voice to stand up against what we know to be obvious discrimination.”

The new video has received over 40,000 views since being uploaded by the band at the following link: