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MadeComfy gains official I-PRAC verification

Australia: Australian property management company MadeComfy has been verified for official approval by I-PRAC, a global membership platform for short-term rental professionals, which the latter says will give the former an “even greater advantage amongst competitors”.

MadeComfy, which is headquartered in Sydney and has extended its operations into Melbourne and Brisbane, provides business and leisure travellers with “immaculately managed”, private, and self-contained properties, with hygiene and quality standards in place. The company was recently awarded the title of the world’s Best Property Management Company at the Shortyz Awards [organised by ShortTermRentalz] in London, making it a significant player in the ever-evolving short-term rental sector.

The company sought out I-PRAC certification in order to continue building consumer trust and confidence.

MadeComfy co-founder Quirin Schwaighofer said: “We have always been strong ambassadors of fighting fraud in our industry; and we believe in I-PRAC’s mission to protect travellers who book directly, whilst providing short-term rental businesses with that much-needed layer of trust [so that more guests have the confidence to book with them].

“Whilst MadeComfy is well known in Australia, we understand that internationally, not everyone is aware of us. However, we believe that our most recent I-PRAC certification will help attract even more eyeballs towards our company and reassure travellers that we are a genuine and trust-worthy organisation, and of course, 100 per cent safe to book with.

“This can only really happen with I-PRAC Approval,” he added.

MadeComfy joins a growing list of companies in the short-term rental space to seek official certification through I-PRAC, which involves a “rigorous” application process. The platform aims to set its members apart from businesses operating with fraudulent means and helping them to achieve their full potential.

I-PRAC co-founder Chris Maughan said: “When a reputable brand like MadeComfy gets on board with your mission to protect the short-term rental space, you can truly appreciate the monumental impact that you’re making in the industry. For me, I-PRAC has always been about helping others [both operators and travellers] and needless to say, fighting against fraudulent operators and making the short-term rental industry safe again.

“By becoming I-PRAC approved, MadeComfy can guarantee consumer trust and confidence; which is the absolute foundation of any successful short-term rental business. We’re keen to see them lead by example for other short-term rental businesses as well.

“After all, now that we have Australia’s fastest-growing short-term rental brand as a valued ambassador of our mission; this is the perfect time for other companies to invest in I-PRAC certification, and offer their consumers that much-needed reassurance and peace of mind. The industry is transforming [for the better], and we’re delighted to be playing a fundamental part in this, with the likes of credible leaders like Quirin, Sabrina, and their team,” he added.

In April, Maughan approved an investment of £1 million into the short-term rental sector, via the company’s verification platform, in a bid to transform the rental landscape and support the thousands of operators within it.

Looking ahead, MadeComfy is planning to expand its operations further in Australia and deliver the best possible service to travellers.