NoiseAware teams up with management system FrontDesk

US: Noise monitoring service NoiseAware has partnered with next generation hotel management system FrontDesk to offer securely-managed short-term stays in neighbourhoods across the United States.

FrontDesk says that it is aiming to offer guests a “seamless experience with consistent quality, responsive hosts and unrivalled security”.

The partnership with NoiseAware will see each FrontDesk suite being provided with a privacy-safe, noise monitoring smart home sensor, as well as specialised detection technology. The company’s 24/7/365 noise monitoring service team proactively works to deal with any noise issues before they arise and disturb guests or neighbours next door.

At a time when both companies are seeking to nail down on innovation and security in the short-term rental space, FrontDesk is set to install NoiseAware’s smart home security sensor into all of its guest suites as a base service. As a result, noise disturbances and complaints made by neighbours will be reduced so as to allow the property manager to provide the guest experience for travellers.

FrontDesk chief growth officer Jesse DePinto said: “It made complete sense to partner with NoiseAware, the leaders in privacy-safe noise monitoring technology, as we were looking to enhance our security package. We’re now able to more consistently ensure that noise issues are proactively handled by a FrontDesk team member, rather than receiving complaints from neighbours or property managers.”

“Combined with our TransUnion screening partnership, the security we’re able to offer is unrivalled in the industry,” he added.

The companies hope to establish more short-term rental friendly communities in order for guests to safely travel and stay in neighbourhoods across the United States.

For more information and details about the latest partnership, visit the FrontDesk company website here.