OYO Vacation Homes CEO Tobias Wann, formerly of @Leisure Group [Credit: OYO]

OYO Vacation Homes discloses hiring strategy in Europe

Europe: Vacation rental company OYO Vacation Homes has announced it will recruit a minimum of 1000 additional employees across Europe by the start of next year.

The news follows OYO’s announcement last week that it was committing to invest up to 300 million euros into its vacation rental home business to increase its expanding European footprint.

Furthermore, it wants to strengthen its existing relationship with respective homeowners and provide them with the resources to deliver the best hospitality service possible.

OYO Vacation Homes will make its hires from a number of key destinations across Europe, with strategic growth in mind.

OYO Vacation Homes CEO Tobias Wann said: “The to be hired ‘OYOpreneurs’ will contribute to the fastest growing travel company and to shaping the vacation rental industry. We currently have over 800 employees and with another 1000 talents joining us by 2020, we will move a step closer to become the largest full-service vacation rentals business globally.”

The group will also maintain its investments in other fields, like building top-grade technology solutions and offering further property investments and services to homeowners.

For more information, visit the OYO Vacation Homes website here.

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