OyoLife is a joint venture between Yahoo Japan and Oyo [Credit: Travel Voice Japan]

OyoLife ties up with major real estate companies

Japan: Japanese short-term rental marketplace OyoLife.co.jp has announced it has tied up with 11 major real estate companies to drive up listings on its platform.

Listings on the OyoLife mobile platform have now exceeded 1,700 rooms following its launch in April this year. The partnership with the real estate firms will help to accelerate the supply of furnished rental properties listed on the site.

OyoLife is a joint venture between Yahoo Japan and Indian hotel chain Oyo. Its competitors in the space include Rakuten Lifull Stay, Suumo.jp, Lifull Homes, AtHome, HomeDirect, InstaBase.jp and 4Jigen.Space.

The marketplace represents Oyo’s co-living vertical and is primarily targeted at millennials and young professionals seeking fully managed homes on a long-term rental basis for an affordable price.

Though it does not yet categorise specifically for students, OyoLife’s most popular demographic is just that. Meanwhile, rumours are persisting that this could lead to Oyo progressively venturing into the co-working space soon but the firm currently will not comment on that suggestion.

For more information on the partnerships, visit the Japanese OyoLife website here.

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