PASIDA chairman Andreas Chiou [Credit: GTP]

PASIDA plans to launch Greek short-term rental award

Greece: The Greek Property Managers Association (PASIDA) has announced plans to create an award recognising the best short-term rentals in Greece in terms of quality.

The association made the announcement during last week’s BnB Guest Conference in Athens.

PASIDA chairman Andreas Chiou told GTP Headlines: “We are aiming to establish the BNB Award, the first award that will highlight the quality short-term rentals in Greece.”

What will the awards entail?

According to Chiou, the Greek awards will be held in the style of the annual European Holiday Home Association Awards, which recognises houses and apartments from 22 European countries that are in the short-term holiday home rental market.

A dedicated website is currently being set up by PASIDA. Once it goes live, property owners will be able to list their properties on home-sharing rental platforms such as Airbnb.

Chiou said: “There will be property categories and each short-term rental will be evaluated.”

When does PASIDA want to launch its inaugural short-term rental award?

He added that PASIDA was aiming to hold the inaugural BNB Awards ceremony at the second BnB Guest Conference in Athens next year.

The association also announced it was planning to launch a certification programme to help professionals develop skills needed in the short-term rental market.

Chiou said: “We are aiming to consolidate the profession of short-term rental property managers. We are seeking certification for our profession because the short-term rental market has opened very much in Greece and we see the necessity to separate the professionals from the amateurs.”

How will the programme help prospective property managers?

In addition, PASIDA has contacted the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen (EEA in Greek) and Harokopio University with the aim of launching seminars as part of the programme.

Chiou said: “These seminars will be of educational nature and not university level. They will offer official certification because this is a prerequisite of the chamber in order to register property managers.”

The seminars will cover a variety of topics including property evaluation, correct pricing policies and advice on how to make the best listing on short-term rental platforms.

Chiou said: “You could say that we are training the professionals of tomorrow. It is impossible for someone to work in tourism and interact with tourists and be an amateur.”

He added that the association was seeking to co-operate with the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers (POX) in order to learn more about hospitality and tourism and to heighten the quality of the Greek short-term rental market.

Chiou said: “The short-term rental market is not something temporary, but it’s here to stay. However, it must be set up correctly.”

How was PASIDA created in the first place?

PASIDA was initially formed as a Facebook group which aimed to provide information to property managers that list short-term rental properties on platforms such as Airbnb. However, it became an official association in October 2018 and now has over 1,200 members from 96 cities and villages across Greece.

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