Premier-Stays has launched a short-term rental service [Credit: Premier-Stays]

Premier-Stays launches short-term rental service

US: Premier-Stays has announced the beginning of a new service for short-term rentals.

It has announced that it will be providing a range of short-term rental services in Northern Virginia.

The group says it “prides itself on its flexibility and ability to accommodate the personal requirements of each individual guest”. It also uses its expertise to maximise rental occupancy while aiming to maintain the cleanliness and quality of the properties themselves.

On their website, the group says: “Premier-Stays is excited to work with you. We keep your property in tip top condition.

“We can work with you in several different ways to optimise the short-term rental market experience and revenue,” it added.

It promotes a variety of revenue models to best support the needs of whoever is working with them.

The team intends to carry out guest vetting checks and identity checks, home cleaning services and prompt property management. By performing all of these services, it will eliminate much of the work necessary for hosts to take care of, allowing them to focus more on providing unique hospitality for their guests.

The group also offers additional services for long term rentals should clients be in need of it.

Premier-Stays is offering its services in the Northern Virginia area, hoping to ensure the longevity of a partnership with potential partners moving forward.

For more information, visit the Premier-Stays website here.

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