Rochtaine has launched its global luxury property portfolio [Credit: Rochtaine]

Rochtaine launches global luxury property portfolio

Ireland: Dublin-based luxury travel operator Rochtaine has launched with a global portfolio of villas that “align with modern-day discerning leisure and business travellers who expect outstanding quality and flawless, purpose-driven services and experiences”.

The portfolio launches with Rochtaine’s flagship estate property in Kilkenny, Ireland, along the River Noir and next to an award-winning Jack Nicklaus golf course.

The Rochtaine experience also provides a commitment to bring immersive local art experiences to each client, consequently supporting local artists across all of its destinations.

As part of its offering, the company says that it will:

  • Build customised experiences for highly discerning clientele focused on luxury, wellness and travel activities;
  • Pledge support to local immersive art experiences, customised for clients in each stay, supporting local artists and building long term sustainable relationships;
  • Deliver a concierge proposition that builds, manages, and coordinates our clients’ unique and unparalleled travel experience end to end; and
  • Guarantee clients a treasured and memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Accumulating more than two decades of knowledge and experience, the expert team at Rochtaine has travelled around the world as it advances its mission to provide an intuitive offering that adapts to the personal needs of its discerning clientele.

As a luxury travel operator, Rochtaine is driven to provide access to unique properties and experiences in a manner that fosters wellness and immersive local art expression for its clients. The concept involves the engagement of local communities of art and culture and supporting the locales of its property portfolio.

Conscious luxury has become desirable for people looking for unforgettable experiences that will positively impact the places they visit, and Rochtaine says that its clients want to understand more about the culture of the destinations and engage with the local community.

The company sources its employees, service providers and products locally in each of its destinations and embraces the local community by engaging with local experts, artisans and products. In addition, Rochtaine will provide spaces for local artists and emerging designers to host events and shows.

Marta Banasik, head of Rochtaine Experiences, said: “As well as luxury and comfort, we build our experiences using the most meticulously chosen facets of wellbeing and culture; literature, art, philanthropy, culinary delights, and visual wonders supplied by local artists, chefs, and travel experts. We aim to be intrinsically connected to our local communities to make the most for the business and the community.”

In an era where most things are available with a ‘click’ luxury is less about “things” and more about experiences; careful craftsmanship; unique cultures; untamed landscapes; and slowing down, Rochtaine is aiming to revive the notion of rebuilding relationships, fulfilling once-in-a-lifetime experiences and developing deep connections to the locale of choice.

Rochtaine is part of the VentureWave Group with a diverse range of investment, asset management and portfolio companies. Portfolio businesses include VentureWave Capital, Vestiver, Rochtaine and VentureWave Partners.

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