RockSTRz returns on Tuesday 5 April [4pm BST]

Join The Guild, Lavanda, Jetstream + more for RockSTRz flex living webinar

Worldwide: ShortTermRentalz is back for the second RockSTRz webinar of series five with a session on Tuesday 5 April [4pm BST] discussing “The new categories of flexible living”, sponsored by Flywire and NoiseAware.

The session is underpinned by the accelerating convergence being seen across the various hospitality and real estate asset classes, which is leading to the creation of new models blending both ‘home’ and ‘hospitality’ to cater to the new ways in which we stay, live and work.

Among the topics discussed will be what the new categories of flexible living are and how they differ, how to drive revenue growth in the short-term and flexible rental space, how companies are building their tech stacks and scaling operations to attract new renters, and what the future holds for flexible rentals and short- and long-term rental convergence.

Contributors include:

You can now sign up to the upcoming webinar at the link HERE.

The upcoming series of RockSTRz will also address a number of pertinent and pressing topics in the global short-term / vacation rental industry. To be considered to take part in future RockSTRz session, please contact

The rest of the calendar for RockSTRz 5.0 is as follows:

26 April [4pm BST]: What does brand loyalty mean in the short-term rental space?

24 May [4pm BST]: Pitch to Paul 

21 June [4pm BST]: Can traditional leisure businesses crack the business travel segment? 

19 July [4pm BST]: Reducing pain points for property managers

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