Wil Slickers is launching his new podcast series

Slickers launches VRMS Operators Edition podcast series

Worldwide: Wil Slickers, the host of Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast and Good Morning Hospitality, is set to launch his latest podcast series, The Vacation Rental Mastermind Series: Operators Edition, to highlight those short-term rental operators that have made pivotal strides and taken Covid-19 “head-on”.

Slickers created a similar series early last year, showcasing service providers such as NoiseAware, Breezeway, AirDNA, I-PRAC and more, pre-pandemic.

Now, inspired by operators on the frontlines of the fight against Covid-19, Slickers will talk to companies such as Oasis, UnderTheDoormat, Kasa, and ALTIDO [among others] to talk about the challenges they have faced and their successes during the pandemic. The podcast host said he was creating the five-plus week series to “inspire listeners and industry contributors as we continue to move forward, provide excellent service, and create unforgettable moments for our guests, teams, and colleagues from around the globe”.

Slickers said: “Like the Destinationaire Awards I did in the summer of 2020, I want to focus on those who are housing guests during the pandemic. There is something extraordinary about having the opportunity to talk with these Masterminds and hear their stories.

“I couldn’t be more inspired to see how the true essence of hospitality, creative thinking, and teamwork leads the charge for setting higher industry standards and trust for all on such a grand scale.

​”We’ve all been on a stage this last year and have shown the world our most outstanding performance. I want to show the highlights and hope that just one person is inspired to join the movement,” he added.

Launching on 3 February directly on the podcast website and other podcast-listening apps, the Operators Edition of the VRMS will provide a platform for listeners to hear from a number of prominent operators about how they have fared during the pandemic, as well as how they have emerged as “game-changing leaders” in the short-term rental segment.

Slickers said: “It’s not unknown how short-term / vacation rentals have been the leading force for recovery in the hospitality industry. While still, a high percentage of travellers haven’t fully experienced the level of comfort, safety, and quality of a professionally managed short-term rental, we have seen these properties gain more occupancy and revenue sooner than most hotels.

“Travel is not dead, nor will it ever die, but we will see the continuing evolution of our industry as things continue to move forward around the world,” he added.

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