Over a third of guests report not clearing up after themselves

US: Travel blog Floridapanhandle.com has discovered that more than a third of vacation rental guests are not cleaning up after themselves in its recent Vacation Rental Etiquette Survey.

The US-based survey was conducted for Floridapanhandle.com and distributed through Google Surveys. The sample consisted of no fewer than 3,000 total completed responses [1,500 per question], and post-stratification weighting was applied to ensure an accurate and reliable representation of the total population.

The survey gave respondents a list of common tasks and asking them to choose all of the ones guests should do when leaving their vacation rental. The top three chores were disposing of rubbish, fixing any errant furniture, and cleaning and putting away dishes.

The findings included:

  • One in three Americans did not think a short-term rental guest should do any of these
  • 51 per cent of respondents believed they should take out the rubbish
  • 45 per cent believed they should be responsible for cleaning and putting away dishes, and putting the furniture back to their original spots
  • Less than 30 per cent of respondents said that guests should leave a thank you note or separate linens
  • 31 per cent stated that a guest should do none of the aforementioned chores at all

Floridapanhandle.com also surveyed vacation rental hosts to find out which guest habits were the most difficult to deal with. Hosts mentioned leaving or arriving late, as well as blaming rental hosts for circumstances out of their control.

Arden Clise, etiquette expert and founder of Clise Etiquette, said: “Being a good vacation rental guest is not difficult. Many of the rules that apply to being a guest of a family or friend apply to being a rental visitor.”

With companies such as Expedia predicting an optimistic rise in travel for 2021, the data revealed in the Vacation Rental Etiquette Survey may be crucial in navigating short-term rental and vacation stays later in the year.

Click here to view the survey results in full.