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Regional government plots stricter rental controls in Valencia

Spain: The regional government in Valencia plans to implement stricter controls on short-term rentals in the region this summer by banning licences for properties after they have been sold.

It is currently estimated that there are around 120,000 approved and fully licensed short-term rental properties in the region but the government is seeking to regulate unlicensed housing by carrying out more property inspections, enabling it to “control the underground economy”, according to Tourism Minister Nuria Montes of the right-wing Partido Popular-Vox.

According to Montes, inspections will include “innovative measures”, for example deploying artificial intelligence [AI] and collaborating with local property management companies and agencies to address the issue.

The minister also insisted that local councils would be granted “significant” powers to get to the root of the problems however they see fit. While the Valencia region currently has 11 property inspectors, Montes emphasised that the number of inspections carried out in the region had doubled to more than 1,200 since her party came into power last year.

It follows April’s news in Madrid, where the city council announced a temporary suspension on granting new holiday rental licences in the capital with immediate effect – a suspension which looks likely to hold until 2025.

At the time, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the mayor of Madrid, said that the suspension would take place “with immediate effect”, while the city works on the approval of a modification to the General Plan of Urban Development of Madrid.

The goal of the General Plan is to “confront” issues around housing in Madrid, while at the same time “balancing the accommodation market in the city” to avoid “residential desertification”.

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