The VRMA and the VRHP have launched new cleaning guidelines

VRMA and VRHP launch cleaning guidelines for SafeHome campaign

Washington: The Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals [ VRHP ], a subsidiary of the Vacation Rental Management Association [ VRMA ] has created a new set of cleaning guidelines for managers and owners of vacation rental properties to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

The guidelines come into effect as part of the joint VRMA and VRHP SafeHome campaign, which aims to empower association members to adopt a consistent set of cleaning safety standards and to openly communicate with guests and employees about the precautions they are taking.

Recommendations for augmenting existing cleaning programs include:

  • Disinfection and sanitisation techniques
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment [PPE]
  • Recommended products, cleaning agents and equipment
  • Updated cleaning and inspection processes for soft surfaces, upholstery and linens
  • Trash removal and maintenance processes
  • Communicating expanded cleaning processes to guests

VRHP executive director Durk Johnson said: “Cleaning a vacation rental is no small task, even when we are not faced with a global pandemic.

“Housekeepers are responsible for completely resetting properties and creating a like-new experience for arriving guests. These new guidelines are intended to enhance the safety of properties, and provide more peace of mind for property owners and guests,” he added.

Both the VRMA and the VRHP say they will continue their efforts to educate and inform members and the professional vacation rental management community of evolving guidelines and recommendations, in order to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to guests, staff and the general public.

VRMA president Toby Babich said: “Vacation rental professionals have historically set the standard for cleaning within the travel industry, and these guidelines memorialise an enhanced level of care in a Covid-19-impacted industry.

“The Covid-19 pandemic makes proper and thorough cleaning methods, specific training, appropriate supplies and a systematic process even more vital to our industry. We can count on our professional community to rise to this occasion and restore confidence within our local governments and guest populations that staying in a professionally managed vacation rental is the safest way to enjoy travel,” he added.

Vrbo president Jeff Hurst said: “Making families feel comfortable enough to travel again after this pandemic is a must for the entire vacation rental industry. Adopting these cleaning guidelines will reassure travellers that vacation rentals are safe places to stay for their next vacation.”

For more information, visit the VRMA and VRHP SafeHome campaign website here.

The new cleaning guidelines are not legal or medical advice, and will be subject to change as more information becomes available about Covid-19.

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