Zeevou launches online learning initiative

UK: PMS and channel manager Zeevou has launched the Zeevou Academy, which it describes as a learning platform for property managers.

The company says: “As an innovator in this market, we noticed the necessity of an openly shared space to explore professional knowledge in the industry, not only for consumers of knowledge but also for those who have a word to share. Therefore, we decided to create a learning space, Zeevou Academy. Zeevou Academy provides all members with accurate and up-to-date educational materials, mostly in the form of webinars, podcasts, and articles, all about short-term rentals. The content will be continuously developed and updated based on real-time market trends.”

“Our goal in Zeevou Academy as a property management learning platform is to go over and beyond all vacation rentals operation features and introduce a rich and impeccable source to property managers in the short-let market to boost their business and brand. Offering various educational content, we intend to cover numerous topics, including revenue management, efficient marketing, the best use of tech for optimisation, and more importantly, direct booking,” it adds.

Zeevou is asking for the help of “our partners and other professionals in the field to take coordinated actions and support us in establishing a mutual learning space based on the general knowledge of the industry as well as region-specific experiences from all around the world. We believe everyone has a story to share, and cooperation rather than contest helps us elevate to another level”.

For existing Zeevou customers, Zeevou Academy will be part of their sign-up package, and they can access the learning platform for free.

For companies who aren’t Zeevou customers, the following plans are available:

• Free Plan: a number of materials are available for free if you want to get a feeling of what the Academy is about. You can register as a member and start your journey.

• Paid Plan: This plan includes annual and lifetime memberships. Members will have unlimited access to all materials by paying £295 for the annual program or purchasing lifetime membership for £495.

Zeevou Academy is offering a promotion of a year’s free access for those who sign up by 9th May 2021.