5 May [6pm BST] Why Hospitality Automation Is The Next Big Thing – in partnership with Jurny

Presented by Wil Slickers

Since the hospitality sector is highly competitive, it is imperative that short-term rental owners, and operators, align themselves with hospitality technology trends. Modern technology enables businesses to streamline their processes, reduce costs, reduce staff workloads, improve revenue generation potential, and improve customer satisfaction.


By utilizing the most up-to-date technology, including mobile apps and back-office dashboards, it may be possible to improve accuracy and efficiency to a level that is difficult for human staff members to achieve on their own. As well as making work more manageable, technology solutions like Jurny make it more achievable to meet or exceed today’s increasingly high expectations from customers. But why is it so crucial to keep up with technology trends?


Perhaps the single biggest reason is that many other businesses (including larger franchises and hospitality groups) already have. By failing to keep up, your competitors could gain a significant competitive advantage, especially if they implement technology that appeals to customers, while your business remains the same.  Smart locks, smart thermostats and even noise sensors, are just some of the hardware devices that can help make a guest experience easier, more configurable and allow the operators the visibility to address customers’ needs.


In this webinar, hospitality professionals will learn how to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape in the hospitality sector as well as how they can better strategize and consolidate the services they need in a fragmented market.

You will learn:

  • How utilizing technology and automation can eliminate staffing problems caused by the cost of labor and labor shortage
  • How consumer demand for convenience and simplicity is transforming commercial enterprises across the board.
  • How short-term rental owners and operators can use technology (mobile apps and cloud-based back-office platforms) to finally level the playing field with the large operators in their markets.
  • How streamlining processes through technology can increase revenue and customer satisfaction

Luca Zambello, CEO, Jurny

Andrew Kitchell, CEO, Wheelhouse

Brandy Canaley, COO, Sextant Stays

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