26 July [4pm BST] Realtors are uniquely positioned to disrupt the STR space – Discuss

In partnership with Jetstream

Hosted by Paul Stevens, editor, IHM

You will learn:

  • Agents/ realtors sit at the top of the asset transaction, and as such are ideally situated to capture new inventory for short-term rentals before other players can
  • How agents/ realtors enjoy a highly networked position in their community and are ideally situated to leverage these connections to operate a nearly touchless short-term rental business
  • Is it possible to operate a highly profitable short-term rental management business with very little workload?
  • How to add a new recurring revenue stream to supplement the highs and lows of purely transactional revenue
  • How STR revenue per listing has increased 37 per cent over the past three years
  • How and why the economic slowdown and reduction in home sales is a tailwind for the STR industry


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