The vacation rental hotspots in the US have been revealed

Data reveals vacation rental hotspots in the US

US: ShortTermRentalz spoke to Digital Third Coast’s Tricia Harte to speak about the IPX1031 blog which reveals the data behind the vacation home hotspots across the United States.

“Everyone has their own version of a dream vacation destination, and even more unique is a person’s vision of their dream vacation home.

“To find out where Americans are being drawn to put down seasonal roots, IPX1031 analysed US Census Bureau data for more than 29,000 communities throughout the country.

“The results identified the states with the highest and lowest percentage of vacation homes relative to year round properties. While many may assume sandy beaches and warmer climates may attract the highest concentrations of vacation homeowners, the analysis revealed the top three states all fall in the farthest northeast portion of the country: Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

“Nearly one in five homes in Maine are listed as vacation homes, as defined by the US Census Bureau as recreational, seasonal or occasional use.

“Maine, like Vermont and New Hampshire are not as densely populated states, but have attracted high concentrations of vacation home buyers.

“Florida has the sixth highest percentage of vacation homes with one-in-ten properties categorised as vacation homes. An impressive feat considering how many overall housing units there are in the sunshine state.

“The Midwest is not a vacation home hot spot. For some, the brutal winters and short summers may deter people from investing in a vacation home.

Illinois ranks dead last on IPX1031’s list with only one-percent of total housing units as vacation homes. Other midwestern states such as Ohio, Iowa, Indiana and Kansas rounded out the ten least densely concentrated vacation home states in the country.

In order to view the full IPX1031 analysis of vacation rental hotspots in the United States, follow the link for more information here.

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