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AB Apartment Barcelona receives sustainable tourism certifications

Spain: Tourist apartment agency AB Apartment Barcelona has received three notable sustainable tourism certifications in recognition of its commitment to a sustainable management model.

AB Apartment Barcelona has been awarded the Safe Travels Certification, the Barcelona Biosphere Certification and the WeRespect Macro Seal for adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of its facilities and activities, both internal and external.

Firstly, the Safe Travels Certification certifies that AB Apartment Barcelona has complied with measures established by the World Travel and Tourism Council [WTTC], endorsed by the World Tourism Organisation. In this case, there is particular emphasis on maintaining sanitary, health and safety protocols determined by experts.

Meanwhile, the Biosphere Certification is confirmation that the company has been following a “non-aggressive” tourism model, while raising awareness amongst customers, workers and collaborators alike. The model includes measures to ensure reduced emissions, saved resources, less environmental impact and raised awareness about natural space preservation.
The certification undergoes annual renewal, and reviews AB Apartment Barcelona’s efforts towards the stated improvements.
Finally, the WeRespect Macro Seal validates that AB Apartment Barcelona’s properties have remained committed to its promise for promoting responsible tourism and positive coexistence between residents and tourists.

The company transitioned to medium-term stays back in 2020, and now offers more than 1000 apartments in Barcelona to rent for both short- and long-term stays. Its apartments can be found in locations such as Las Ramblas, Costa Dorada, the Catalan Pyrenees and Costa Brava.

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