Airbnb has partnered with Holaluz [Credit: Airbnb]

Airbnb partners with Holaluz for green energy pilot programme

Spain: Airbnb has partnered with Barcelona-based renewable electricity and gas company, Holaluz, for a pilot programme designed to boost the adoption of green energy among platform hosts in Spain, and therefore make travel more sustainable.

The programme includes special rates and meetings with the Airbnb host community to encourage the use of cleaner energy and promote sustainable hosting practices.

With Airbnb promoting domestic travel and local consumption, the programme provides resources to share and promote good sustainability-related practices, as well as a welcome bonus of 40 euros for Airbnb hosts who choose Holaluz’s 100 per cent green energy, turning accommodations into more sustainable places.

Carlota Pi, co-founder and executive president of Hotaluz, said: “The purpose of Holaluz is for the world to move 100 per cent thanks to renewable energies. That a sector as key and fundamental as tourism is committed to sustainability and green energy, and that Airbnb trusts Holaluz for this mission, is a relevant step towards our purpose and reason for being.”

One survey conducted by Airbnb over six days in December 2020 revealed that sustainable tourism had become a priority for travellers, particularly among its younger community.

Mónica Casañas, CEO of Airbnb Marketing Services SL, said: “The younger community is very clear that travel must be more sustainable. 56 per cent of people under 50 years of age made it clear in that survey that they would opt for a digital platform that offers the possibility of looking for ‘green’ accommodation or that use ‘alternative energy’.”

More and more hosts are recognising that they not only need to commit to using renewable energies but also consider the environment and their ecological footprint when designing unique and sustainable accommodations for their guests.

With a mission to achieve a world that relies 100 per cent on green energy, Holaluz is leading the transformation of the Spanish energy sector, and is expected to reach one million customers and 50,000 photovoltaic installations by the end of 2023. It is also the first European electricity company to be certified with the B Corp Seal and is a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Spain.

It comes as Glasgow prepares to hold the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, at the end of this month.

Airbnb itself is offering a financial incentive in the form of a £100 travel coupon to hosts in the Scottish city to welcome guests and increase the accommodation capacity for the global event, with hotel room capacity believed to be limited to just 15,000 rooms.

Around 30,000 government representatives, media and campaigners from around the world are expected to attend the landmark climate conference, putting pressure on local accommodation providers.

The home-sharing platform is pledging to donate all of its revenue from service fees for stays taking place in Glasgow during the conference dates to Stirling-based non-governmental organisation [NGO] Zero Waste Scotland. The donation commitment applies to both existing and new bookings taking place during COP26.

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