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Airbnb hosts claim lack of payments from $250 million relief fund

US: Many Airbnb hosts are complaining that they have been unable to access relief funds promised by the company.

Airbnb created a $250 million relief fund for hosts to access earlier, in order to help their community weather the current global pandemic.

CNBC noted that hundreds who had applied for the available funding had yet to receive any money from the San Francisco start up. This follows earlier criticism hosts levied against Airbnb, after the company committed to offering full guest refunds leaving hosts with the cost burden.

Though the company has offered up to 25 per cent of the standard cancellation fee, many have received less. Thierry Rignol, a host with over 80 listings on the website, received $106.02 of the $3800 he calculated he was owed.

He said: “When am I going to see the rest of that? If it’s three months from now, it’s really not going to help anyone. If it’s a promise to pay in the future, it’s worthless.”

Other hosts have reported receiving even less or no money at all.

The company has said that this week was its first round of payments and that many of the hosts with low payments had implemented less strict cancellation policies on their own. The company has also noted on its website that some of the payments may be delayed, but should be expected in later rounds.

Hosts have also levied complaints that while the company extended its extenuating circumstances policy for travellers, it has not matched that coverage with host relief. The company has said they may extend the cancellation to June yet are staying firm on the original May 31st deadline for hosts.

The coronavirus pandemic has damaged Airbnb, who were set to pursue a public offering later in the year. The group received an additional $1 billion loan to survive the pandemic, after reducing its internal valuation significantly.

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