Airbnb has launched a programme to help government employees affected by the shutdown

Airbnb launches US government employee programme

US: Airbnb is offering an extra night’s pay to federal government employees who share their home for three nights, amid the government shutdown.

The shutdown of the federal government has so far lasted for 26 days so Airbnb has stepped in to offer all employees the additional pay if they share their home for three nights between now and 18 March.

The company says its offer stands for up to $110, which is equivalent to the average per night income of Airbnb hosts in the U.S. The programme, entitled “A Night On Us”, is open exclusively to all federal executive branch employees who follow the home-sharing guidelines.

The programme is also open to Experience hosts, who are eligible to receive up to $110 based on the total booked value of an Experience, and is retroactive to stays booked in the week beginning 18 December 2018.

Airbnb has in recent years committed to implementing emergency programmes such as these as healthy marketing initiatives which have helped to drive the company’s success, particularly in helping victims of environmental disasters such as floods and hurricanes.

A report released by Airbnb shows that by 2019 the company is projecting more than 500 million guest arrivals to Airbnb listings since the company was founded back in 2008. Airbnb, now in its second profitable year on an earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation basis, has also received over 250 million reviews from hosts and guests alike to date.

The company’s Experiences programme was launched at the end of 2016, providing 500 such experiences at the time. Today, Airbnb Experiences are available in over 1,000 cities worldwide, and on average the hosts earn $10,000 per year from operating within the programme.

Due to the rise in popularity of Experiences, Airbnb is opening a second office in Los Angeles to support the programme going forward.

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