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Airbnb and the Louvre partner to offer special contest

Paris: Airbnb is partnering with the Louvre Museum in Paris to offer a special contest through its Experiences programme, in which the winners will spend the night sleeping next to artwork including the Mona Lisa.
The museum aims to mark 30 years since its recognisable glass pyramid, as designed by I.M. Pei, was constructed at the site in the French capital.
Those wishing to enter the contest should visit the Airbnb competition website here by 12 April, where they will be asked to answer the question, “Why would you be the Mona Lisa’s perfect guest?”. One winner will be chosen, and he or she will also be able to bring along a plus-one.
The sleepover party will then take place at the end of the month, on 30 April.
The selected winning pair will sleep inside a bright white tent which resembles the Louvre’s pyramid, in addition to being given a number of French vinyl records to listen to throughout their evening stay. They will also be treated to an intimate acoustic concert inside the velvet-lined chambers that were once home to Napoleon III.
Further items on the itinerary include a customised private guided tour of the museum and dinner and drinks in the presence of the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.
Since Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “Ape***t” music video a couple of years ago, which was filmed on location inside the Louvre, the museum has seen a surge in popularity and there is currently a $34,000 Carter couple-themed tour available to the public.
Last year’s contest provided disappointment as a night was set to be held at the Great Wall of China for competition winners. The event had to be cancelled following concerns that the sleepover party would cause lasting damage to the iconic landmark.
Previous examples of one-off stays as part of Airbnb’s Experiences programme include allowing travellers to sleep in a Lego house, a shark aquarium and at New York City’s Ellis Island.