Airbnb has unveiled its latest marketing campaign [Credit: Airbnb]

Airbnb unveils ‘That’s Why We Airbnb’ campaign

Worldwide: Airbnb has announced the launch of its latest marketing campaign ‘That’s Why We Airbnb’.

The campaign will follow the stories of everyday travellers who use the platform, as well as celebrate the uniqueness of our lives and the concept of non-conformity.

It aims to spread the message that travel for everyone remains a unique experience and is a universally desired and subjective phenomenon at the same time. Each experience is different and embracing that is the true significance behind the ‘That’s why we Airbnb’ campaign.

When it launched over a decade ago, Airbnb was based on the plurality of choices, both in life and in travel, and it says those foundations remain in place today. As a brand, Airbnb caters to the specific needs of each traveller, rather than expecting them to conform to its available offerings.

Furthermore, Airbnb is a worldwide community of travellers, whose success has been based on the concepts of individuality and acceptance. It inspires travellers to be themselves and encourages them to revel in authentic travel experiences.

Airbnb India marketing manager Varun Raina said: “Our intention is to let travellers know that there is an Airbnb for everyone. No matter who you are or where you’re travelling to, with Airbnb you will always belong anywhere and everywhere.

“With this campaign, we wanted to give travellers the impetus to discover new places and explore new cultures, on their terms and that is truly what Airbnb is all about,” he added.

Gautham Narayanan, managing director of Wieden+Kennedy Delhi, said: “Given that this is Airbnb’s first integrated campaign specific to India, we wanted to find an honest voice for Airbnb and put forward a meaningful message that Indians can relate to.

“We found that one of the key drivers of travel for Indians was the opportunity to be themselves without fear of judgement. Airbnb is a community that creates space for the many, we felt this was a powerful truth.

“Naturally, it is best told through real stories of real people who are a part of the Airbnb community,” he added.

The 360-degree campaign was brought to life by Wieden + Kennedy and Park Pictures produced the TV spots. The brand films will air on multiple channels, while the campaign will also be seen across social, digital and PR channels over the next eight weeks.

The initiative is the first phase of a broader plan to grow awareness for Airbnb in the Indian market.
The initial set of TVCs will illustrate two stories. In the first, we meet an unconventional family of five, the Govandes, who see travel as an educational tool which helps us to learn life skills through real-life experiences.

The second story focuses on Malvika and Karuna, a couple who own their own wedding planning company. The two believe that travel contributes significantly to increasing our levels of tolerance to the unfamiliar and that we as travellers can begin to understand the differences between us that make us unique.

More stories will follow in the coming months.

To watch the campaign, visit the link here.

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